My English Stories #1 | Sheldon’s Letter

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  1. Merhaba, zamanında yorum için yazmaya başlamıştım ama bitirmek bugüne kısmet oldu..

    I wasn’t into writing at my youth. I didn’t read a lot either. I can say that I didn’t used to like literature. Then I don’t know what happened, but things changed. It’s like I found a hidden chest inside of me. When I opened this chest, there was this desire like a souvenir for me.

    From that day on I try to write and read everyday. Some days I read with excitement and sometimes I don’t. It’s easier to fall a sleep when you don’t have a desire for the book. I think it’s about the story, it must inspire you from the beginning. And this inspiration surrounds you every time you open the book, and by that inspiration the book is finished rapidly that you don’t understand how the time passed with reading.

    Last week I read one of those stories that you don’t want it to end. It was a recommendation from a friend that I trust. I was on the sidewalk walking to home from the work. I was reading the story while walking. This habit passed me from the same friend of mine. He showed me that I can read wherever I want. It’s like playing with your phone. Just read and you get used to it. And also keep an eye out for the traffic. Anyway, I was on the sidewalk and while reading I was very excited just like when you’re opening a long-awaited envelope. Because the story was coming to an end, and if there is a twist in the story it should come out soon. I was literally holding my breath like a diver coming from the bottom of the sea.

    And finally the unexpected twist in the plot came to the light. It’s like eating a delicious cake with a fresh ground coffee, or whatever word you want to choose for the satisfaction of the soul.

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